Job Alert:Account Manager, Environmental Sales-South Florida

 Hinton Human Capital, an emerging leader in executive search in Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure industries is now searching for an Environment Sales Account Manager for a national environmental contractor in southeast Florida. The ideal candidate will have at least 5-10 years of demonstrated environmental sales experience in the following areas:

  •  Demonstrated track record of selling environmental services such as tank cleaning, emergency response, disaster recovery and remediation services to local government agencies, industrial/manufacturing companies and utilities within a sales territory
  • Ability to develop relationships which garner repeat business through professional organizations and networking.
  • Ability to work closely with internal staff in formulating proposals and presentations
  • Assisting other sales staff with business development


BS degree in Engineering or Science is preferred but not required

Experience selling environmental services is required

Certifications and licenses such as CHMM, REM, PE or PG are a strong plus

Apply Here

The Best of Hinton Human Capital Blog 2009

I promised my wife that Hinton Human Capital blog would have a great impact on my company and our lives. So far, we have been surprised by the amount of traffic; comments and great customers we have met. 

 As you know, economic recovery is not a speedy process but there are positive signs that things are changing. The whole premise of our articles and blog is to tell the public about jobs , certifications and licenses and job search strategy which will help position them for success. We honestly did not think there would be much interest in our topics but all of you have told us differently. Now we want to hear from you again. We want you to tell us how our articles have helped and informed you.

Here are our picks for 2009. Please give us yours.

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  2. The 12 Certifications and Licenses You Will Need in the Green Economy
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  5. 27 Areas of Potential Job Growth in the Green Economy  
  6. Another Shade of Green: Top 5 Hot Financial Jobs in The Green Economy
  7. It’s Not Easy Being  Blue, Brown and Green

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The 7 Hottest Certifications For The 2010 Economic Recovery

Last year we talked about the “12 Certifications and Licenses You Will Need In The Green Economy“. In 2010, we are unveiling the 7 hottest certifications for the 2010 economic recovery. Here’s why: The flow of money from the stimulus package has been steadily building up and the deadline for some of federal agencies get their “shovel ready”money under contract is approaching. While there are some who disagree that stimulus package will have an effect on the overall unemployment statistics, it is a proven fact that infrastructure construction projects have a strong multiplier effect on the local economy and supplier chains by creating other jobs and economic flow. 

Certifications and licenses are an excellent way for job seekers to add to their experience and gain a competitive advantage in the job market without a major investment in a new college degree. However, we do want to emphasize that certifications and licenses do not guarantee a job. If you do not know which certification is right for you, check our new e-book: “Is It Worth The Green?”Here are the 7 certifications for 2010:

  1. CCE (Certified Cost Engineer): Every construction project has a price. Cost Engineers give building owners and construction professionals exact cost estimates of materials and staff for their projects. This field has huge shortage of people in the energy, commercial, healthcare and industrial sectors. It is highly recommended that a person has architecture, construction or engineering experience before pursuing this certification.
  2. CEM (Certified Energy Manager): Energy managers are the people who will make sure that buildings and other facilities will meet and stay within their energy consumption goals. Many of these professionals will primarily work in real estate, government and industrial settings. They are sometimes called Resource Managers.  
  3. CPEA(Certified Environmental Auditor): Environmental Auditors make sure that all industries are adhering to environmental regulations and protocols. As the green economy moves forward there will be an increased need for these professionals who understand the new cap-and-trade systems and Clean Air Act (CAA) regulations for greenhouse gases.
  4. CTAM(Certified Asset Manager): Infrastructure asset managers are responsible for managing the cost of owning and operating municipal and civil infrastructure such as water/wastewater treatment systems; roads and bridges or energy generation and transmission. The water industry is particularly in need of people with asset management ability because the nation will need to overhaul  its water systems to conserve drinking water and improve the quality of treated wastewater. 
  5. LEED-AP(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): This certification is focuses on green building techniques and energy efficiency. 75% of the federal government buildings and countless private owned properties will be made more energy-efficient and ecofriendly. If you are considering a career move into building construction, this is the certification that will set you apart.
  6. PE (Professional Engineer): The Smart Grid, alternative energy, nuclear and fossil fuel and shovel ready infrastructure projects are in dire need of licensed electrical, civil, structural, geotechnical, mechanical, environmental, mining and petroleum engineers. There are not enough people going into these fields to backfill the Baby Boomers who are retiring. If you are an engineer, a PE will make a big difference in your career and financial future.
  7. PSP (Project Scheduling Professional): Every construction project must be planned and scheduled before the first shovel hits the dirt. PSPs use the latest software tools and processes to make sure that project tasks are completed within the prescribed timeframes and prevent

This article is a part of our 2010 campaign to make the public aware of education opportunities and jobs in the climate change, environmental and infrastructure markets.

Your comments are welcome.  Please stay tuned for new updates, posts and E-books on certifications and licenses.

Green Certifications Can Pay Off In Great Jobs

Many people who have read my articles about Certifications and Licenses wonder if getting them really pays off.  Let me assuage your doubt and/or skepticism. With the prospects of a “Jobless” recovery over the next year to 18 months, now is a good time to invest in some new skills and education to put yourself in position to prosper. (If you are unsure which certification is right for you see our new e-book)

The most important thing to remember in your job search is to position yourself in the path of investment dollars are flowing. In plain english: Money always flows toward opportunity.  One of the big areas of investment for the Federal government is Energy Management. Energy Management uses technology, best practices and green construction to help buildings or types of facilities maximize their energy usage. Many EM positions require the LEED AP certification.

If you are undecided if this certification is worth it, here is some evidence that the LEED AP certification can pay off. Here is a job posting from one of Hinton Human Capital’s business partners that will get your attention. Check it out. Don’t forget to make sure your resume ready.

Energy Management Job: Shipboard REM/Energy Manager Services Job, 8A Energy Services Company – TCEJobStop.