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Special Report: Oil Spill Exposes The Need For More Environmental Health Related Professionals

Crude oil contains toxic chemicals which can present many different types of health problems in humans. The thousands of cleanup workers and residents in the affected Gulf Coast areas could be adversely affected by these chemicals if they do not take the right precautions. There will be an increased need for environmental health personnel to...

Alabama Oil Spill/Environmental Cleanup Jobs

This article is a public service to get as many interested people to help with the Oil Spill clean up.Hinton Human Capital does not receive compensation from the State of Alabama nor is it under contract with or endorsed by any officials of the State of Alabama.

Job Alert:Oil Spill Cleanup Jobs in New Orleans, Louisiana – TRADESMEN INTERNATIONAL

Hinton Human Capital has joined the effort to refer all who are interested in Oil Spill cleanup jobs to the appropriate places. Here is a posting from Tradesman International, a company who is hiring cleanup workers.

Q&A: Are Oil Spill and Other Disaster Recovery Related Jobs Green?

Are Hazmat jobs considered green jobs? Who hires people with hazmat backgrounds? Let's find out

Special Report:How to Leverage Your Volunteer Disaster and Oil Spill Experience Into A New Career

The Louisiana Oil Spill clean up could spawn thousands of temporary disaster recovery jobs. If you follow these important steps you may be able to leverage this experience into a new environmental career.

Special Report: Oil Spill Related Environmental and Disaster Jobs on the Rise

Louisiana Oil Spill is one of the largest man made disasters of recent times. One whose effects will reverberate to gulf economy for years to come. While it may setback the local Louisiana fishing industries for a period of time, it will also create a boon of local environmental cleanup jobs and could lead to...
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