77,000 Reasons For HBCU Grads To Become Engineers and Scientists

In these tough economic times, minority college students and graduates are having to make tough choices: roll the dice in the job market or find a way to get a degree in a field with excellent future growth. Here is a program that could make the choice a little easier for those choosing to go in a STEM related field like engineering.

Why Grads Should Consider an Engineering or Science Related Degree

Engineering and science based fields like Petroleum, Electrical, Civil  and Environmental, Nuclear and Solar engineering  are among the fastest growing and highest paying  job opportunities according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). New companies and jobs are opening in these fields daily. This graduate fellowship program sponsored by The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) will give qualified graduates the opportunity to study a STEM degree field of their choice at a prestigious college or university. The fellowship can pay up to $77,000 towards a STEM graduate degree.

We are looking for 1,000 HBCU graduates to take the challenge!

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Click here for more details : GradOpp | The HBCU Stem Fellowship Program.

5 Knowledge Areas Needed For Success In Green Buildings Market

 The Green Buildings market will surge forward as building design, professionals, corporations, contractors and real estate professionals upgrade older buildings over next 10 years. To reach this goal, it will be essential for these professionals to have the knowledge and skills needed to deliver successful projects. Here are a few things we see that will be important in the coming years.

  1. Building Information Modeling (BIM)/ 3D Computer Aided Design: BIM allows buildings to be designed in 3D environments where professionals and owners can “tour” the building and visualize the construction of building at different levels before construction starts. BIM, if used properly, allow design professionals and owners to choose building materials; resolve construction issues and avert cost overruns. Professionals who have “hands on” experience with BIM will be in demand.
  2. Estimating/Scheduling:In these post recession times, man hours and materials are expensive commodities. Estimating and scheduling professionals who understand how to negotiate prices, procure the sustainable and recycled materials and resolve scheduling issues will be in high demand. (See our article on the 7 Hottest Certifications For 2010 ).
  3. Energy/Facility Management: The true value of a green building is in how it operates and saves resources. Energy and Facility managers will be tasked with making sure green buildings operate within LEED standards by managing billing rates, building automation systems, construction, maintenance and resource consumption. The federal government has already start hiring energy managers for military facilities. (See our article 27 Areas of Potential Job Growth).
  4. Construction Management: Construction Management is a critical component of any green building project. Construction managers must be adept at managing employees, efficiently using  resources and troubleshooting construction issues while maintaining profitability.
  5. Building Systems Maintenance: Many green buildings have advanced computerized automation systems, climate control and on-site power generation.In order to repair these systems, Facility Managers and Maintenance professionals will have to be skilled craftpeople as well as adept information technologists. Those who can fix power generators, HVAC, water purification systems and do routine maintenance who see ample opportunities in the coming years.

These are some the knowledge areas that green building professionals will need for future job opportunities. Thanks for reading

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Is It Worth The Green?: How To Determine Which Green Certification, Degree or Training Is Right for You

A local college has come out with a new green degree program. Is it right for you? Will it help you get that job in sustainability? A local green business guru is offering a new certification for small business. You want to know if it is right for you. How do you evaluate it? Here is how.

In these tough times job seekers are searching for ways to get the best green certifications, degrees and training programs suited for their success without getting scammed. Instead of trying to endorse one program over another(because it can be a matter of opinion) ” Is It Worth The Green?: Critical Questions You Should Answer Before Getting a Green Certification, Degree or Training”  allows the reader to objectively evaluate if the program they are considering will meet their expectations and give them the opportunities they want. 

Here is the information included in the book:

  • Critical questions that should be asked when evaluating a program.
  • The future job outlook and demand for skills
  • Professional associations and networking groups
  • Links to important decision making tools
  • Links to directories and career information sources

Your money is important and you want make sure you get the best certification, degree or training to meet your needs. Buy it Today

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