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The 4 Critical Skills You Will Need to be a Successful Safety Professional

In the coming decade, the certified safety professional (CSP) will be in high demand because companies can no longer afford for accidents and disasters to increase insurance rates, scar their reputations and sink their stock prices. In response to the rise in safety compliance positions, we decided to explore what skills employers want in the safety professionals....

Special Report: What We Have Learned From The Oil Spills

The Gulf Oil Spill has taught us that a spill is not a singular event but a series of poor decisions; lax regulatory enforcement or maintenance;a lack of qualified/well-trained people and bottom line thinking. One question that I have been asked about this situation is "What have we learned that can help combat future...

Special Report: The Long Term Oil Spill Jobs Come Into View

Once the oil well is fully capped and the relief well is in production, we should expect a major ramp up of clean up operations to begin. When I say "major" I mean that I expect more people and equipment to get involved in the clean up process to get the spill cleaned up as...

Readers Lead Discussion About Certifications,Environmental and Infrastructure Jobs

I knew this would happen someday but I did not think it would be this bad. I have writer's block. So to help me get through this tough situation, I am going to turn to you- the readers to start the discussion.

Job Alert:Florida Oil Spill Jobs Open Up

Florida is now heavily embroiled in the battle to save its coast line and economy from the Oil Spill. We support their efforts.

Special Report: Oil Spill Exposes The Need For More Environmental Health Related Professionals

Crude oil contains toxic chemicals which can present many different types of health problems in humans. The thousands of cleanup workers and residents in the affected Gulf Coast areas could be adversely affected by these chemicals if they do not take the right precautions. There will be an increased need for environmental health personnel to...

Special Report: How The Oil Spill And Other Environmental Crises Create Jobs In Other Industries

The purpose of this article is to point out the hundreds (possibly thousands) of job opportunities that will be created in other industries because of the Oil Spill and other unfortunate crises. Hinton Human Capital stands in firm support of the thousands of people who have lost their businesses and jobs due to this disaster....

Alabama Oil Spill/Environmental Cleanup Jobs

This article is a public service to get as many interested people to help with the Oil Spill clean up.Hinton Human Capital does not receive compensation from the State of Alabama nor is it under contract with or endorsed by any officials of the State of Alabama.

Special Report: More Information on Oil Spill and Environmental Disaster Related Jobs

The mainstream media has had a field day examining the dangers of coal mining and offshore drilling in the wake of the recent disasters. Here is a different perspective on how an environmental crisis and disaster can mean new job opportunities.

Special Report: 3 Hot Environmental Certifications For Future Disaster, Environmental and Oil Spill Hazards

Certifications and Licenses are an important part of long-term career growth. In the wake of the Oil Spill in Louisiana, I want to bring attention to some certifications that possibly give job seeker's a competitive advantage in the environmental industry.
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