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Like every other NFL fan, I was sad to see Peyton Manning leave the Indianapolis Colts. It was the somber end of an era for Colts fans and a joyous beginning for his next team. As I listened to Peyton’s speech, I realized that he is now a job seeker who has to find the right team that will fit his goals and talents.  It is an odd thing to think that a multi-millionaire star athlete is looking for a job but it is true. So my thoughts turned to some lessons we could learn from this football great.

Over the years of listening to sports talk radio; watching  Peyton’s games and watching ESPN, I have heard many superlatives describing Peyton as a person and a quarterback. Here are some quotes from famous people and stories about Peyton Manning  that teach lessons that job seekers can incorporate in their job searches.

Be better prepared than everyone else

Famous microbiologist, Louis Pasteur, once said “Chance favors the prepared mind”.   Tales of how Peyton prepares for a game have reached mythical proportions. He would study film and watch games of opponents until he could anticipate their defensive tendencies in situations.

Job seekers should be prepared for their interviews by thoroughly studying the company, job description and how their experience can meet the employer’s needs.

Don’t afraid to learn to new skills and strategies

Futurist Alvin Toffler said ” the illiterate of the 21st century are [……..] those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn“. One story told of Peyton Manning is during the last games of the Colts’  Super Bowl season, he played quarterback for the scout team in practice. To prepare for those practices, he learned their opponent’s entire offense and then executed to it perfection.

Job seekers should make learning new job skills and job search strategies a priority during their search. I know some training maybe outside of your budget but volunteering can bring  learning and networking opportunities together.

Always write down ideas and develop them

Another great quote to remember is ” A short pencil is better than a long memory”.  Coaches and teammates who were interviewed during March 7th said that Peyton constantly wrote down ideas on a legal pad during film sessions and practice. Then at team meetings, he would present the ideas he believed would enhance their chances of winning .

New ideas can become a source of income or new job opportunities  if they are fully developed. There are thousands of stories of job seekers turning their ideas into successful businesses. Take time to work through your ideas because they may be great opportunities.

Use all forms of communication to reach your objective

Watching Peyton Manning in game is a great study in communication. He uses all methods of communication at his disposal-  his voice, hand signals and  body motions, to get his point across to his teammates.

Job seekers who do not use networking, social media and other forms of communication in their job search are not maximizing their chances to find a new job opportunity. One good thing to do is to make at least one new personal contact per day that can move your resume into one of your target companies. A hand carried resume always gets read by a hiring manager.

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