This question came up after my last article on Smart Grid Cybersecurity. My definition of a green job is much broader than others because I believe green, environmental and infrastructure are all part of an integrated green economy. Information technology jobs in the green, environmental and infrastructure fields have a daily impact on business, the environment and our lives. My goal is to encourage more people to look at jobs in these industries. That is enough about my personal agenda, Here are the reasons why Smart Grid CyberSecurity jobs are green jobs.

  • Cybersecurity protects the efficiency of the Smart Grid’s systems: The Smart Grid is a core component of the energy management and security strategy because it protects the Smart Grid’s communications, management and operations software systems from cyber attacks, espionage, and natural disasters. Our country, in its quest for energy independence and environmental sustainability can ill afford a disastrous situations like the one posed in the movie “Live Free or Die Hard” or large-scale blackouts like the Northeast Black Out of 2003. Cybersecurity people, programs and protocols will play a critical  role to prevent them from happening.
  • Smart Grid Cybersecurity will push new invention and  innovation:  A technological system of this magnitude cannot work on “cookie cutter” approaches, collaboration, implementation, project delivery, policies and standards. The companies involved in the IT portion of Smart Grid development will have to grow and adapt to the new security challenges.  A well trained, knowledgeable workforce will be the most critical part of this process.    

For those who are looking for potential job opportunities with the Grid, here are some general types of IT jobs which should see growth from Cybersecurity initiatives.

  1. Enterprise Architect
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Systems Analyst
  4. Database Architect
  5. Business Analyst    
  6. Hardware Engineer

I am sure there will be some who will have a different opinion. I welcome your comments on this topic. Let’s start a discussion.

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5 thoughts on “What makes Smart Grid Cybersecurity a green job?

  1. Smart grid gives us reliability, quality, lower rates, peaking resources, and efficiency. Better efficiency may lead to lower green house gases and emissions. Smart Grid and AMI means you need more security — for one, wireless supervisory control and monitoring is often used.

    Like the author, I’m no IT expert, but isn’t it a non-sequitur to advertise an AMI Cybersecurity job per se as a green job?

    • Dom,
      Your comment is a good one. Cybersecurity and a green job are unrelated (non-sequitur). (I will close this gap in a future article.) However my point is to make the reader aware that cybersecurity has an important role in the overall protection of the goals of the grid. I also want to encourage readers to explore all of the career opportunities which spawn from a project of this magnitude.

      Look for my upcoming e-book guide on green, environmental and infrastructure jobs in July.

  2. Stephen,
    I see the Cybersecurity role connected to the SmartGrid via the infrastructure element-Broadband networks-fiber optic facilities deployed accross wetlands, greenfields, etc. The connectivity to monitor and manage these network to prevent network related threats requires the most reliable and scalalable facilities available–Fiber-to-the-Edge or node (monitored device in the field). Yes, wireless has and continues to be an option for the reasons of cost and time to deployment. Lets agree, direct connectivity provides is the most reliable method to control and detect threats attacking elements on the other edges of the grid.

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