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9 Encouraging Things to Say to Discouraged Jobseekers

These are quotes from Stephen Hinton’s upcoming book “Stillness in the Storm: Spiritual Lessons Learned From Unemployment”. Fixed Stillness cover

  1. Who you are: what you are able to do and your purpose in life are not diminished because you lost a job.

  2. Your identity, destiny and purpose come from God- not an employer, title, material goods or income.

  3. Your value as a person and a worker does not change when you are laid off. Only the relationship with that particular employer does.

  4. Remember that your abilities, gifts, skills and talents are meant to be given to those in need and there is someone else who needs yours.

  5. When you were created, you were given a unique purpose and destiny. This career setback is part of your walk towards your destiny.

  6. No person or entity can change what God has planned for your life except you.

  7. If a company hired you before another will hire you again. The only question is when.

  8. You will grow stronger and smarter from the lessons you have learned through this experience.

  9. Faith and fear are chosen not given. Your choice between them determines your results in life.

“Stillness In The Storm Quotes” is now in paperback 

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