If you are a serious networker and job-seeker, you are not waiting for Principalopportunities to come to you. You are going after them. Here are 4 conferences that you should attend to make those serious contacts in the Climate Change, Environmental and Infrastructure markets.

  1. US Carbon Finance Forum: Carbon trading is one of the newest and fastest growing markets even without the Cap and Trade bill. This is a serious conference for corporations, consultants, investors and traders. Big networking opportunities and possibly job connections  are  here.
  2. Financial Times US Energy Business Conference: This is going to be an in-depth conference about alternative energy generation, infrastructure and financing.  If you are looking to network in Green energy, you need to be here.

  3. Carbon Markets Insights Americas 2009: This conference is about the global carbon market. This is a can’t miss if you are looking for a conference with international networking and business opportunities.

  4. WEFTEC: The premier event for those interested in Water Quality and Water Quality Research. Don’t let the technical sessions fool you. This event will be a Who’s who of the Water Business.

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    • West Coast Green is the largest conference on green innovation for the built environment. It has great networking opportunities and interactive spaces/sessions.

      On October 1st-3rd at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco 14,000 thought leaders and forward thinkers will convene to engage in dynamic, big-picture, systems-thinking to reinvent business, laugh, make connections, affect policy, and create meaningful and lasting positive change.

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